A Prosthetic Initiative for Women in Ghana

Last summer, our team was approached by Mary Keane, a breast care nurse with a remarkable idea. She proposed to provide professional assistance and fitted prostheses and bras to women in Ghana who had undergone breast surgery. What started as a simple idea, quickly turned into a life-changing project for many women in Ghana.

Mary informed us of the surplus of prostheses that she was able to source and in just a few weeks, everything was organized. We had the resources, prostheses and bras, as well as contacts in hospitals and clinics in the Volta region and Accra, the capital of Ghana. Our team was put together, clinics were booked, and the community was notified. Little did we know, the need for such a project was immense.

Within the course of 10 days and countless miles traveled, we were able to assist nearly 200 women in 6 different medical centers. The impact of this project was seen and felt in the smiles and tears of joy from these women. For many of them, it was the first time they were receiving a professionally fitted prosthesis and a bra, something that is not easily accessible in Ghana.

One of the women we were able to assist was Francisca Anyorkor Boateng Amponsem. Diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and facing surgery, she was in desperate need of a bra prosthesis fitting. As a mother of five in Ghana, where resources for such fittings are scarce and often expensive, Francisca’s experience was a significant moment in her journey. Not only did she receive practical support, but she also felt emotionally uplifted by the generosity and kindness shown by Mary’s team.

On behalf of all the women who benefited from this initiative, we want to express our immense gratitude to Mary Keane and her team. The impact of their selfless act has gone beyond just providing a prosthesis and a bra, but it has touched the lives of many women and their families.