Portia lived in one of the villages in the Ho region. There, misfortune such as death, poverty and disease were a regular part of life. When her child was born, they all noticed his physical disabilities. The village elders immediately labelled the baby as a “Bad Luck Child” – it was thought that if a disabled child was not killed, the village would be cursed.

Despite the protests of her family and the village elders, Portia refused to give up her child. She was determined to keep him alive and protect him at all cost. Portia then went against the fear and stigma that her village had placed on her and her child, as well as her own family’s wishes, and sought out help. After much searching, she found our organisation, and her journey to safety began.

Portia arrived at our facility with her child after a 7-hour journey. Portia and her child were welcomed with open arms at our facility, and she has now been offered a job. This courageous mother and her child are now safe and sound in our care, and she will assist us in caring for other disabled children in “The Quiet Home”.