Crosscause volunteer Aisling Neary from MAYO, has completed the second part of her own personal project, to provide education to the young people of Anyiboboe village, Volta region, Ghana.

2 years ago Aisling completed a kindergarden and primary school for 117 children, now a beautiful new 6 classroom junior high school offers a great future for the village’s students.

This project has been a 1 woman crusade, backed by the people of mayo and beyond who believe in Aisling and her selfless life which has seen her bring hope the the less well off in countries such as Romania, Nepal and Calcutta.

Aisling overcame huge transportation problems to see this project finished, but her resolve is what true volunteering is about.

Now the government will provide the teachers, and will have a feeding programme in place. This will change the life of the village forever.

Anyone who knows Aisling will know that there is more to do. Her hope is to raise 4000 euro to fund a small kitchen, finish the plastering and to equip the school.

Any donations for this would be well spent and will continue the  great work of a inspiring volunteer.

Anyone wishing to contact or help this project can reach Aisling on 0863013898 or email on