Follow up with DkIT Awareness Day, Crosscause had it’s 2nd Awareness Day in Tesco Extra Dundalk on the 31st of March.

This event was held by 4 students from DkIT in their final year for BA (Hons) Public Relation and Online Communication to generate public awareness on the charity’s transparency and services as part of their course module.

This event was decorated with an information booth to display leaflets and series of videos of Crosscause’s information. The montage from the first event was put up to attract attention and to showcase a milestone achieved previously.

Montage assembleAssembling the montage

 The purpose of this event was to allow public to know about the charity and it’s doing, therefore there was no bucket shaking and yet a twist was inserted on that day.

The twist was to have a quiz and lucky draw session with the public by story-telling them few facts of the charity and question asked at the end has to be correctly answered in order to have a chance to draw a lot from the lucky draw box to see if they get a chance to win any prizes.

17759676_793893937443548_2647382153105331121_n 17757186_793893997443542_3584099851150385788_n 17634864_793894150776860_2805968378639210523_n  Interacting with the public

The event was a success with all the prizes given out to all lucky winners and it was so much fun. Thank you so much of the every participation and our sponsors – McArdle Meat, Gift & Art Gallery Dundalk, Pat’s Interior, Mackins Leather Goods for the amazing prizes

Photo 5  983927_793894064110202_2107072707428042578_n 17795864_793894057443536_7275677321238178385_n Prize presenting

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