As charity challenges go, this was right on key.

Each year Conor Hughes goes that extra mile to bring a smile to our faces on St. Stephen’s Day, all in aid of the CrossCause annual fundraiser.

Huge crowds gathered as always on the beach and along the promenade to check out what Conor and his merry band of volunteers had up their sleeves.

And this year they certainly did not disappoint!

Sitting atop seven pianos stacked neatly, ,albeit deliberately a little askew, the always daring Blackrock native said he enjoyed ‘the best view.’

‘We always try to do something a little bit different, and I know people do like the endurance acts, so thankfully it all came together,’ Conor told the Argus.

While admitting he ‘doesn’t really’ have a head for heights, the unique feat saw him take a seat at the top of the beachfront ‘piano tower’ for five hours.

‘I wasn’t worried as I knew it was very secure. They weren’t stacked neatly so there was a bit of natural wobble, but I was confident it wasn’t moving.’

The event was ‘topped off’ by music from – you guessed it – a pianist.

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