Blackrock charity leader Conor Hughes was the defender of the ocean during his St. Stephen’s Day fundraiser at the beach.

St Stephens Day in the scenic coastal village has become synonymous with the spectacular charity fundraiser organised by local music shop owner Conor.

For over a decade he has been organising an annual Christmas time fundraiser for his Crosscause charity who are working to support children in Romania and West Africa.

Always a seasonal treat, over the years Conor has tested the water, weather conditions, and his own endurance each St. Stephen’s day, as he came up with amusing and innovative ways to impress onlookers, and raise the profile of his charity, Crosscause.

This year Conor adopted an ‘Aquaman’ theme taking to the water as the mighty ‘King Neptune’ atop an artifical whale which had its water spout polluted with plastic bottles.

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