It has been the highlight of every Christmas season for many years, and this St. Stephen’s Day will be no different as Blackrock charity leader Conor Hughes hosts the annual beach event for CrossCause.

Each year Conor goes that extra mile to bring a smile to our faces and, speaking to the Argus as he got preparations underway, he promises not to disappoint on Wednesday next!

‘Without giving too much away, I will be in an elevated position once again this year,’ said Conor.

He added that the theme will centre around the campaign highlighting plastics dumped in the world’s oceans and seas.

Crowds gather at the beach and along the promenade every year to check out what Conor and his merry band of volunteers had up their sleeves.

In all weather conditions, they have endeavoured to entertain and amaze with Conor often undertaking daring feats all in the name of CrossCause.

Indeed, last year’s event saw his perched dangerously on a tower of pianos for five hours.

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