Crosscause Year End Update

Despite the difficult year everybody has faced –  the generosity of the Irish people remains steadfast.

The year ended on a high with an unprecedented 2 aid trucks to Romania, filled with the best supplies ever, food, medical and PPE in abundance, volunteers on the ground will still be distributing well into the start of 2021 bringing hope to 1000s of people.

All of this was down to the pure goodness of others – all volunteers from truck drivers to haulage companies to packers to collectors and our shopkeepers and sorters. Everybody was a part a a special jigsaw that only works when all the pieces are assembled.

In 2021 our attention will turn to Ghana where beginning in January 2021 two new homes for abandons children will start to rise from its red soil. We believe this project will be something wonderful as the “foundation” we have in place due to collaborating with a community of “Sister For The Care” is a perfect fit. It has been their dream to have such a home!

Thank you to all who trust our judgment and efforts and we hope you are pleased that your generosity has fallen on fertile ground.

Wishing you all the best for 2021.

Conor and all at Crosscause.