Crosscause founders have praised the ‘phenomenal’ support from local people for their winter aid drive.

Two lorry loads of goods, largely donated through Crosscause’s Blackrock base, arrived in Nicoresti, Romania last week for distribution in some of the poorest communities.

Louth’s charity supremos, Conor Hughes and Ciaran Hughes, were among the distributors working to get the donated goods to those who need them most.

Speaking about the huge volume of donations, Conor said: ‘Hundreds of people cared enough for others that need a little help to get by. With the result,thousands of peoples will benefit from the two trucks of winter aid. It’s not just that moment when you make someone warmer or have food in their belly. It’s much more. When someone who doesn’t know you, wants to help you, it can help you hang on, and believe a better day will dawn.’

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