It all began when a child died in the small village of Nabu Akura, located in the Oti region. According to the Konkomba tradition, when someone dies, a soothsayer is consulted to discover the cause of death. It was the soothsayer who determined the cause of death to be two children living with disabilities in the same village.
The two children at risk were Bamorme, two-years-old, and Mbemba, thirteen-years-old. Both suffered with impairments; Bamorme had difficulty with both hearing and speaking, and Mbemba had difficulty walking and an arm that was deformed. Despite their conditions, they were still wrongfully accused of witchcraft and were marked for execution by the traditional elders in the community.
Having heard of the children’s plight, their parents made their way to the village of Abunyanya, some distance away. There, the parents went to the organization Voice Ghana, where they shared their story. The ambassador alertly notified their office in Ho, and requested help in relocating the children away from the village in order to avoid any danger. That is how our charity got involved. We arrived just before the deadline set by the traditional elders and immediately took both Bamorme and Mbemba into our care.
We provided them with a safe place in our home for abandoned children. The boys are now safe and happy, and are well looked after by our staff. They have become part of our family now and no one can ever hurt them again. With the help of Voice Ghana, Bamorme and Mbemba were finally able to escape the village without harm. Once in our care, we provided them with medical assistance to treat their conditions, and educational support so they can feel empowered to take on the world. They are thriving under our care and have settled in nicely with the other children. Our mission not only saved their lives, but it also gave them a fresh start and restored their hope.