Friday the 14th of September was a day of great celebration here at Casa Bridget. To mark the end of the school holidays and to celebrate the beginning of the new school year we had a party for the whole foundation. The fun started with a show by our Day Centre children put on for the benefit of our special needs residents.


Then everyone went outside for games, singing, dancing and face-painting. A BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all, a special mention must go to the chef for cooking for all 90 of us!




After lunch we had an award ceremony for all the Day Centre children to mark the work they have achieved and the progress they have made in the past year. A special prize was given to Christie who this year leaves us to go to Theological School in Galati. Christie has been with us for 5 years and whilst we are sorry to see him go we are also proud to see the responsible young man that he is growing into. Christie gave an emotional speech, in appreciation of all the foundation has done for him, which left us all in tears! However Christie will remain very much part of the foundation as we are part-sponsoring his studies and he will be volunteering here in school holidays in return. The day finished off with more music and dancing and one the children declared it to be the best day of his life! As well as being a fun day it was also an important opportunity for our Day Centre attendees to mix with people with disabilities and to learn to treat them with sensitivity and tolerance.