imageWe’d like to wish Liliana the very best of luck on her first day at school in IRELAND! Liliana  and her family have been supported by the foundation for a number of years and in a variety of ways. From 2007-2013 Liliana attended our Day Centre where she developed into a bright, kind and caring young lady. When Liliana turned 14 years old and left school in the village, we offered to sponsor her to go high school in the nearest town but unfortunately her mum didn’t agree. For a year Liliana stayed at home doing the housework and looking after her younger siblings. Then in 2014 the Philips family came to visit and met up with Liliana, on hearing her story they immediately offered her a chance of a lifetime, they opened up their home to her! Liliana left for Ireland in September and was immediately struck by the differences between the two countries and is already determined that her future does not lie in Nicoresti. She has picked up the language extremely quickly which has meant she has been able to enroll in the local school! We are so very lucky to have the wonderful Philips family (Ciaran, Niamh, Ryan and Ceilli) as such avid supporters of our work and we are so grateful of this fantastic opportunity they have given Liliana. We are also thrilled that Liliana is not taking anything for granted and proving herself to be very deserving of this chance. Good luck Liliana, we can’t wait to hear all about your new school!