Goods for Ghana


The next shipment of goods for Ghana is currently being assembled by the Crosscause Charity in Co. Louth with a view to shipping in Sept 2020. This shipment is focusing on everyday tools and machinery as well as PPE for COVID19. “We are currently packing some PPE, ventilators and masks but we need more. We are specifically looking for sewing machines, farm tools and wheelchairs which are all in short supply in Ghana, West Africa. Our shipment earlier this year focused on basic supplies of clothing, this one is about everyday tools and the next one will be about construction materials to be shipped in end of Sept ” said Conor Hughes. “For now we are asking people to donate everyday goods like tools and machinery which we can enable the people out there to build up their own communities.”

Donations can be left with Conor Hughes Blackrock or contact him via or via 0879674829.