In 2021 CrossCause will renew their

“Homes for Abandoned Kids”, in Ghana.

The first accommodation homes will begin in March.

The land has been donated by an order of sisters, The “Mater ecclesiae”  who dreamed of having such a project. The collaboration is perfect, with CrossCause undertaking the building and fitting out of the homes, and the Sisters managing the care of the youngsters.

A container will leave Dundalk in July with all the fit-out items. For the coming months, CrossCause will publish lists of needs, which local people may have surplus to requirements.

Anybody with an interest in the project, with the sponsorship of a child or a donation, please contact Conor Hughes on 0879674829.

Here’s the first list:
  • 12 bunkbeds
  • 15 single beds (simple wooden framed)
  • Table tennis table (sturdy)
  • Basketball nets with backboard (strong)
  • 10 Flatpack wardrobe (simple and light)

Thank you!

Group of nuns with Cross Cause volunteer behind the community building



CrossCause volunteer with The Sister, after the completion of the Community building, which will be the centre of the project, with workshop, school, physio rooms and dining hall.




A boy on a wheelchair





Richard who care CrossCause has been sponsoring will be the first resident.