Margareta is Casa Bridget’s eldest resident but by no means does that mean she lets the younger residents away with a thing.  If there is something Margareta wants or someone else is getting up to mischief, Margareta, in her own special way, is able to get her point across very easily. Margareta loves to sit and draw and colour and Margareta loves her style and anything that has a sparkle to it which matches the sparkle in her eyes. She has a lovely nature and loves to give big kisses.



Elena is a bright young lady who loves to sit and have a chat. Her favourite time of year is Christmas and she likes to mention “Father Christmas” a lot during the year. Elena is a great help around the house when she is in the mood and will help the staff with sorting the clothes and help in the garden during the summer months. Elena loves one to one time with the staff and volunteers and is a girlie girl loving any new clothes and having her nails done.



Florin is the youngest boy in the house and is full of life. Florin is a lovely natured boy who loves hearing his own voice. He has little sayings that he will shout out and gets a great laugh out of playing copycat games with people, repeating what they do. Florin’s granny comes to visit every Friday and the special bond between them is plain to see for everyone. Florin has a great little laugh which normally can be heard if someone knocks something over or he hears someone sneeze.



Dasha a lively young lady who loves spending her time on the swing in the garden during the summer months and the hammock in the winter months. Dasha has the sweetest laugh which can be heard everywhere when she is being tickled, especially her feet and everyone needs to watch out with their coffee because when Dasha spots it won’t be safe for long. Even when the cup is emptied Dasha will be over trying to get the last drop out of the cup.



Viorica is the cheekiest of the residents and loves nothing more than to get up to a little bit of mischief when no one is looking. She might be smaller than some in height but she is well able to hold her own. Viorica loves water and in the summer months Viorica will grab the garden hose and give her hair a little wash and loves playing little games of running away from it and then waiting for you to catch her with the hose. Viorica loves to colour and has her favourite bead box where she will empty the contents and spend the next few hours tidying it all back up again.


Alina Stoica

Alina is the sweetest young lady and although she has no sight it definitely does not hinder her getting around Casa Bridget. Alina is so familiar with her surroundings that she knows exactly where to go and how she is going to get there. She is a very determined young lady with the biggest smile that lights up her whole face when it comes out. She is very mild natured and loves having one to one time with people with having them sit beside her and holding her hand.



Mihaela Ilie

Mihaela is the most placid little lady who has her own seat inside and outside of the house and if anyone else decides to go there she will not hesitate in pushing them away and rest assured she always gets what she wants in the end. Mihaela has the best laugh which is contagious and will make the person next to her only smile. Mihaela likes to go for walks but most of all she loves getting into bed at night time. When Mihaela heads to bed she loves nothing more than to stretch out and have the blanket wrapped around her.




Dani is a wonderful young lady and is very quiet natured. Dani loves girlie time having her nails done and make up done and will be very adamant what colour to be used. Dani loves to get up and have a dance and will copy any dance moves. Dani loves to go out and about in the car and also for walks. Dani loves getting new clothes and has the best excited expressions when she does. She is a very content young lady and loves the swimming pool during the summer months.



Mioara in one way is probably the quietest of the residents as she loves to have time on her own but on the other side she loves loud music and the louder the better. During the summer months, Mioara has her spot outside right beside the radio and will dance away until her hearts content all day while during the winter, she can be found inside sitting in the playroom. Mioara’s laugh is infectious when the radio is put up a couple of notches louder. Mioara loves going for drives and one to one time and she is an extremely bright and independent young lady.



Iulian is a quiet chap who has become an extremely determined young man. Iulian loves to go for little walks around the house by himself and loves to hide on staff and volunteers by finding the smallest area and having a sit down. Iulian loves his food and a great knack of sneaking into the kitchen and getting himself an extra slice of bread. Iulian keeps to himself and his humming noises can be heard around the garden.



Liviu is a great gentleman who is the oldest of the boys and finds himself with the title of „The Man of the House” Liviu has worked really hard to become mobile after not walking for a number of years and you will always find Liviu sitting next to his pals Iulian and Mihaela Ilie. Liviu has the best chats and the broadest smile and loves to get kisses on his hand. Liviu is very placid and loves to sit back, swing his legs over anyone who sits beside him and relax.



Claudia unlike the rest of the residents looks more Swedish than Romanian with her lovely blonde hair and pale skin. Claudia has a great singing voice and loves to sing songs while walking around the garden. Claudia and Dani love to have a dance together and could dance for hours on end. Music in general is Claudia’s love. Claudia loves to go out for walks. Like some of the other residents, Claudia loves the swimming pool and having the hose splash her legs. She has an infectious laugh.



Nela is a beautiful young lady whose passion is her bike. During the summer Nela will be found cycling around the garden, fixing her toys in her basket, checking that it is all working correctly. Nela hates the sign of rain as that means she has to put the bike under shelter and leave it outside. During the summer months, Nela found an electric car worked just as well for her. She could give Lewis Hamilton a run for his money.  Nela loves to have the chats with anyone and loves her quiet time in the evening watching some television.


Alina Negru

Alina is a very determined young lady who over the years has worked so hard to get herself mobile and now there is no stopping her. Alina will go for little walks through the houses and do a little inspection on her way. Alina is a fantastic help around the house and loves to sweep the floors and help fold the clothes. Alina loves her style and clothes and playing games. Alina knows her own mind and what she wants which is great seeing her personality shine through.


Mihaela Popa

Mihaela is a terrific young lady who loves nothing more than getting up to a little devilment. Mihaela has this little laugh and bright smile that comes across her face when she spots something that she can get up to. It is very endearing. Mihaela loves to have a little dance and loves her food. Mihaela can be spotted watching through the kitchen window waiting to be called for her meals. Another strong character in the house, she knows her likes and dislikes. Mihaela loves being tickled and when she laughs you can hear the laugh echo around the grounds.