The following paragraphs were written in June 2012 by some of the children who attend the Day Centre:

Hi, I’m Cristi, I’m 16 years old and am preparing to go to Theological School in the city of Galati to become a priest. I have dreamed for years to become a priest and now the foundation will support me to accomplish this. For me, the Day Centre is my second home, a family that has given me all that is good. Here I receive a tasty dinner, warmth from the women that care for us all like baby chickens and support from a teacher who offers guidance and advice as if we were her own children! In the evening when we go home we should kiss their hands in appreciation of all their efforts. Thank you all for the diligence you showed us whenever we needed. Thank you to everyone in the foundation who welcomed me with open arms. Thank you very much because you have helped with all the gifts and goodies provided by you with love and care. As I prepare to leave this house that has offered me shelter and protection, I offer my colleagues, my brothers, one piece of advice; listen to these wonderful ladies as they will help you achieve all that you want.

I’m Ionela, I’m 13 years old and I live in the village of Coasta Lupei. I live with my mum and four brothers because my father is dead. For a year I have been coming to the Day Centre. Here we get a hot meal, we wash and we do lessons. I want to try harder to get good grades. I like it very much at the Centre!

Hi, my name is Carolina and I’m 12 years old. I have been coming to the Day Centre for 2 years and I wish to go everyday, including Saturday and Sunday! I love everybody here and even when I finish school I will never forget them. I love you all!

Hi, I’m Maricel, I live in Sirbi village and I’m 13 years old. I have been coming here for five years because I didn’t have the possibilities at home or at school. The foundation has helped me to reach another level in school and everywhere I go. At the foundation there are women with good heart and souls. I’m very proud to be a child of the Centre and thank all those who are donating to keep the centre running. I wish that every year I can write such a letter of thanks!

Hi, my name is Liliana and I’m 13 years old. Thanks to the foundation I learn well at school. I’ve been coming here for 5 years and I like it very much. I am passionate about origami and thanks to the centre I was able to put on a show of my work. I have six brothers and sisters, my parents are separated and it is very difficult. At the center we do homework, eat, have a bath, and get help with our clothes and anything else that we need. On the occasion of our birthday they organize something beautiful and sing ”Happy Birthday”. In the summer we go on trips to the forest, the lake and even into the city. We learn many good things. Our parents are unable to give us what the foundation gives us. When I finish school I want to be a hairdresser and to be proud of myself. Before coming here I didn’t think I had a chance for the future. Now I wish to help poor people, like the foundation has helped me. My colleagues at the foundation are also proud to be part of such things. I am sorry that I don’t live with my brothers but I’m grateful anyway because I meet them at school and the foundation. I do like to share all the wonderful things that have happened and are happening at the foundation. I hope wherever you are, you are as happy as we are at the foundation!

Hi, I’m Ana, I’m 13 and I live in Coasta Lupei. My mum left many years ago and my father is dead so we live with my aunt and my uncle. I’ve been coming here for five years and it has changed my life! Here we study, we get a hot meal, we play and we do many different activities. Here we learn to be responsible and kind-hearted.

Hi, my name is Catalin and I’m 12 years old. I come here every day. It is very beautiful and I have many friends. I’ve been coming here for 5 years and I like to have fun, to play and do my homework with our teacher. I am much better behaved now and learn better at school. Here I’m truly happy.

My name is Sabina and I live in the village of Fintini. I have been coming to the Day Centre since I was in 3rd grade .Here we play, we wash, and we eat and do homework. Here I have made many friends. It is very nice and I’m so glad to be here. I do my homework and am learning more and more in everyday!

Hi, my name is Gabriela and I’m 13 years old. The foundation means the world to me. Here we do homework, eat, do origami and go on excursions. When summer comes we go to the park. I have been coming for one year and I like it very much!

My name is Petrica, I’m 12 years old and I’m from Nicoresti. At home I have five brothers and we don’t have any possibilities. I come to the centre everyday. Here I learn, I eat, change my clothes and take a shower. The foundation means for me my life .Here we learn things that are beautiful and useful in life. I have much better grades at school now and I am much better behaved!

My name is Ana. I have been coming to the Day Centre for four years. Here we draw, we wash and we eat. I live in Nicoresti with my four brothers. My father has left and my mother struggles to bring us up. At first I was shy and didn’t speak to anyone. Now I have lots of friends. I do my homework with our teacher and now I have better grades at school. I consider the Day Centre to be my ‘2nd home!’

My name is Mirela, I’m 10 years and I’m in the third class. I have five brothers and sister but our parents are divorced. As soon as I started here I felt loved very much. I made friends with many girls. I do my homework here, I bathe, eat and change my clothes. I was very shy when I come to the center but the other children encouraged me very much. Before I wasn’t so hard-working but I try really hard at school. I have learnt so many good things from the women at the Day Centre.

I’m Adrian, I’m seven years old and I like very much to come to the Day Centre. My parents have separated, my brother and I live with my Dad and our four sisters live with our Mum. I like the Day Centre as we all meet up here. My sister had kidney surgery and the foundation helped her with money, food and much love. The foundation built us a house and put in electricity. I’ve been coming for a year and a half and wish to come forever!