My name is Georgiana and I’m 15 years old. I was born into a poor family who didn’t have many possibilities to raise us properly. My parents were sick and struggling until the foundation started to help us. They built us a house where we had much better conditions and they gave us food, clothing, footwear and many other things. Many volunteers come to us many times with toys and food and I was very happy. We were the first children to attend the Day Centre! In 2007 my parents died and our whole family was sad. After the funeral we were sent to a “Placement Centre’ in the city which we hated. Every Saturday my mum and dad (who we have now) came to visit us and take us out for the day and we were very happy to see them.
The foundation built us a house and finally we are living here alongside our new Mum and Dad. I have many more possibilities now. I have finished school in Nicoresti with good grades and in September I will go to high school in Tecuci. We love our parents very much, they got married and now we also have a very nice baby brother. He is the most wonderful boy in the world! Mum and Dad have very good hearts, not just with us but also with the residents of Casa Brigid and the children at the Day Centre. I think Mum and Dad are very happy to have so many children. We are a united family and love each other very much.


My name is Crina and I’m 13 years old. I was born into a poor family, in fact amongst the poorest people. But I was very lucky because the foundation had a good heart and helped us with everything they could and all that we could not. Every week they came to us with food, clothing etc but most of all they made us a gift, a large gift that others could not offer us. They built us a house, a house that my family and I had never had before.
In 2007 when both parents died we had to leave for another life in a place where you could not be happy. There we did not have a good life, but these people from the foundation come every week to take us out until they were able to construct a house where we can live.
In 2009 the court finally allowed us to move there and now we all live together and have a beautiful life. The foundation has saved my life, but not just my life; they have done the same for many other poor people.


My name is Andreea and I’m 13 years. I was born into a poor family, my mother left when we were young and my father is dead. But I got through all this with the help of the foundation. They helped us with food and clothes and when I was older gave a house to me, my brother and sisters. Then at age eight I started going to the Day Centre day where I learned how to behave correctly and to progress in education. This year I even finished top of my class! In time I met the lady who now is my mum and who I love because of the love and kindness that she has offered me. She got married to my brother and together they make a perfect couple. Now I have 2 new sisters and 2 new brothers that I live with and love.
Thanks to the foundation we have been fortunate enough to meet and form a family.


My name is Andrei and I’m 9 years old. I was born into a poor family and then my parents died when I was four. I went to the orphanage where I spent a year and I was unhappy. After that year I was bought to live with my new mum and dad. Now I go to school in Tecuci where I learn much better, I have my own toys and we go on many excursions. I am very happy now. My family is happy and I love them all, especially my youngest brother.