Founded in 2003 Crosscause is an Irish registered charity, set up by dedicated volunteers.

Our aim is to seek those most in need and marginalised in society and help them live their best possible life and reach their potential.


Conor Hughes

Listen to Conor Hughes’s story of how Crosscause started the projects, its goals, and future plans. Hear all about the challenges of starting a charity abroad, how your generous donations are spent and how you can help.

Crosscause activities began in 1998 when a group of volunteers started working with special needs orphans in Romania. With the gained experience, we have now been able to expand further into Eastern Europe and West Africa. In 2003 Crosscause become an officially registered Irish charity led from day one by Conor Hughes. Since 2015 the charity has been accountable and monitored for good practice by the Irish Charities Regulator. Two decades of hard work by so many self-funded and multicultural volunteers have borne fruit and demonstrated what we can achieve when we look beyond ourselves.

A message from Conor

For all these years in all these countries, it’s been our volunteers, both here and abroad, who have been the foundation of our work. A common trend among them all is their selfless desire to help those who need a helping hand. It’s truly been an honor to witness this dedication within our team whether traveling, building, shedding, or drying tears, it’s always been heartwarming to see their commitment and hard work. Financial donations, building materials, trucks, furniture, and clothing will always find their way to Crosscause. However, without great volunteers to help build, clothe, paint, cook, and care these donations would be insignificant.

To our supporters and volunteers, I extend a personal “Thank you”, for the support and trust, you have bestowed on me. It’s a privilege and I am humbled to be in such a position.  I will always take full responsibility for the day-to-day management of our projects and my team and I will do our very best to ensure your donations will reach those most in need. We guarantee your donations will be spent with care, focus, and gratitude.

Together we make all the difference




With your help we are:

  • Promoting mother and baby health care
  • Organizing eye treatments and surgery
  • Building and supporting an orphanage school
  • Providing medical equipment to the Communities


  • Providing a home and care for 17 special needs orphans
  • Providing a day centre for poor kids, for schooling, means, and health care
  • Working with communities on health care and housing

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