Postcards from Crosscause in Ghana 2021

Over the last 5 weeks crosscause charity has been do some amazing work in Ghana building 2 group homes for abandoned kids in the local village. Conor and his team have been working tirelessly over many years in Ghana trying to provide a better way of life and helping kids in need. With the ongoing support from everyone in our own community of Blackrock has come together to make this happen yet again. As they stand, the houses are ready for fitting out the interior, with the doors, furniture and kitchens coming from Ireland!

At the same time a container of goodies have arrived and endless trips to hospitals, schools , womens groups etc, has meant that 1000s of people are enjoying the benefits of new equipment and teaching aids!

Thank you to everyone who has made this happen.


Keep an eye out for Conor on his annual St Stephen’s day fundraisers on Blackrock Beach… this year he will be focusing on raising funds for bunk beds and amenities for the kids who’s new homes will begin in the house built.

Support the “Bunk Beds For Ghana” Crowdfunder

We are trying to buy 40 bunk bed and mattresses for our two new Children’s Homes in Ghana West Africa – Please join our Crowdfunder to reach this goal!