Sister Bernardine Pemii is a name that may not be well-known, but in the impoverished region of Bolgatanga in Ghana, she is a true hero. This remarkable woman runs a mission in the area that is often overlooked and considered one of the poorest in the country. However, through her unwavering determination and hard work, she has provided hope and assistance to many in need. Some of you may recognize Sister Bernardine from our previous post, but recently, we had the privilege to meet her once again, and we could not be more inspired by her selfless spirit.
Sister Bernardine reached out to us for additional support, and we were delighted to hear from her, knowing that our help from Ireland can make a significant impact on the lives of the poorest of the poor in Ghana. With our aid, we were able to provide 23 wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers, as well as 220 school chairs with matching tables. We also donated 23,000 pens and essential school supplies that will improve the educational opportunities for children in the region. Moreover, we were able to supply much-needed hospital equipment to assist with medical care in the area.
In the photo, one can see the transport being loaded for the mission.