This year we were very happy to welcome back fantastic volunteers, Aoife Clarke, Zoe Nevin and Síomha Ni Mhurchu, along with their friend, Meabh Temple, who came out for her first trip. The girls set up a “Summer Camp” with our Day Centre children doing different activities every day – brilliant arts and crafts, games, sports, face-painting, loom bands and much more! This is a wonderful experience for our children as they get to learn about different cultures, practice speaking English, learn new skills which helps build their self-confidence and make new friends! These 4 teenagers are great role-models for our youngsters – responsible, hard-working, kind and caring.

The girls also helped out with our Special Needs Residents and even organised their first ever coach trip! We also invited some other disabled people from our village and all the teenagers that we sponsor to go to school so in total 50 of us had a fantastic day in Galati city. We visited the Botanical Gardens where they also have an aquarium and a “Therapeutic Walkway” which everyone enjoyed walking barefoot on! Then we went to the Mall where we all had a treat of KFC and Pizza! It was a lovely day and so nice to see all of the residents out at the same time.

On their last day the girls organised a day in the forest for the whole foundation. 80 of us enjoyed a tasty BBQ, played sports-day games, had a football match and had a go at archery! It was a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Thanks again girls and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

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