Happy New Year 2016

We would like to wish all our friends a very Happy New Year and thank you for all your support. Thanks to you all 2015 was an amazing year and here are just some of the highlights of 2015.... Our Special Needs Residents;  kept progressing and developing every day, all benefitted from regular massages, speech

Exhibition August 2015

Today some of our talented Day Centre children attended an exhibition of their work at the library in our nearest town, Tecuci. They all loved seeing their work on display and were all awarded with a certificate! Afterwards our lovely Irish volunteers, Laura, Meabh and Dervla treated the gang to ice-cream in the local park

Day Centre Art Exhibition

Our Day Centre remains open throughout the three month School holiday, continuing to offer our children a vital sanctuary. Here they can escape the myriad of problems that they face at home and are welcomed daily with love, care and support. As well as doing extra lessons to prepare them for the next school term