COVID Container Crowdfunder

Support The COVID Container Crowdfunder to Africa The Crosscause Charity needs your help to send a special container with COVID19 donated supplies to Ghana, West Africa at the end of September 2020. The container with medial supplies, ventilators, masks, wheelchairs and lots more is desperately needed at the Crosscause Orphanage and will be distributed by

The View From Ghana

The View From Ghana - March 2020 As Asia, Europe and the USA are transfixed with the battle against the COVID19 virus - Crosscause continues it's battle against poverty on projects in Africa this March 2020. Conor Hughes has been caught up in delivering and distributing donated goods by the container loads in

Donations in Ghana

Donated goods from ireland continue to be distributed in Ghana. Life changing goods such as Crutches & Wheelchairs are among the items endlessly useful. If anyone has any such products they care to donate we would be very happy to receive them.

Mc Colins Prepatory School

September brought the opening of Mc Colins Prepatory School. A Joyous occasion with pupils and teachers preparing the classrooms. All school equipment, tables, chairs, blackboards etc, were donated by Schools in Co. Louth. Upon the school's opening, Project Director Kieran Lavery, turned his attention to the building of an adjoining residence to be used by

Student Sponsorship

Commonly from local lepar communities, these students have shown all the promise we hoped for and now are being equiped with the tools to go to 3rd level education. This is unheard of from this community.

Anyiboboe School – Soul Light

After an enormous effort from our volunteer Aisling Neary, Anyiboboe School is now finished with over 180 students in attendance. The school has been handed over to the local schools board and the teachers are all in place. This was a very difficult remote project, due to the location and the short supply of tradesmen.