Transforming Lives: How One Donation is Bringing Hope to 8 Children with walking deformations

We have a heartwarming update to share with you about the impact of a generous donation from one of our anonymous donors. This donation has brought hope and changed the lives of 8 children who were suffering from walking deformities in Ghana.

Sadly, one of the harsh realities in this country is that many children are born with walking deformations. Clubfoot, a common deformity that causes the feet to turn inward, and Bowlegs, which causes the legs to curve outward, are some of the most prevalent conditions among poor children in Africa.

In developed countries, these conditions are treated shortly after birth, but in poverty-stricken areas like Ghana, families often cannot afford proper care for their children and end up abandoning them. That’s where our organization steps in to provide a home for these children in need. However, without proper medical treatment, they often face a lifetime of difficulty and pain.

Thankfully, our organization recently received a generous donation from one of our sponsors. This donation allowed us to bring the children to a medical team from America “GMAD – Ghana Making a Difference”, who came to Ghana in October to perform corrective surgery. We were overjoyed to have the opportunity to help these children and give them a chance at a normal life.

Thanks to the donation, we were able to cover the costs for transportation, procedure, and medication for all 8 children. The youngest child was just 1.5 years old, and the oldest was 15. Every surgery was necessary but also quite painful for the children. However, it was their only chance at a better life.

Although the recovery process is still ongoing, we are confident that it will be life-changing for these children. The cost for each child was approximately 120€, and we cannot express our gratitude enough to our generous sponsor on behalf of these families.