(Un)Wanted Tools – School Workshops Project

In this project, our main goal is to support young boys and men in getting a chance for a decent and stable source of income.

The lack of access to tools and machines in African countries has had a devastating effect on low-income families, often leaving them with no option but to rely on manual labor for their survival. In many countries, access to tools and machines is restricted to those who can afford them, leaving the majority of people to fend for themselves with the limited resources available. Without the use of proper tools, manual labor is often exhausting and completely inefficient. This can be physically and mentally taxing, with wages often too low to cover basic living expenses. In addition, the lack of access to tools and machines makes it difficult for people to access education and job training, further limiting their ability to gain skills and find better-paying jobs.


The safety of workers in African countries is a major cause for concern. Working conditions in many African countries including Ghana are often very poor, and can be hazardous to the health and safety of employees. This can have a serious impact on the lives of those working in these countries, as well as the businesses that rely on their labor.

The main issues of workplace safety in Africa include inadequate or outdated health and safety regulations, a lack of protective equipment, and a lack of enforcement of existing regulations. This can lead to unsafe working environments, which can lead to accidents and injuries. In Ghana, workplace injuries are a common but often overlooked problem. Every year, thousands of workers suffer from injuries sustained in the workplace, and the effects can be devastating for both the worker and their family.
Workplace injuries can range from minor scrapes and burns to more serious issues such as broken bones, head injuries, and even death. For those who suffer from serious injuries, the effects can be both physical and psychological. In addition to the pain, they may also experience a loss of income, difficulty finding another job, and long-term disability.
For their families, the effects can be just as dire. With the loss of a breadwinner, the family may have to struggle to make ends meet. They may have to go without basic necessities like food, clothing, and medical care. For children, the impact can be especially hard. Without a parent to provide for them, they may miss out on educational opportunities or be forced to work to support themselves.

With the help of kind people, mechanics, craftsmen, builders and landscapers, we intend to set up and equip a number of school workshops in Ghana to help teach these new men a skill.

Our project “The Women of Ghana – Sewing Machine Project” which we have been running for many years, has brought and continues to bring amazing results. Used sewing machines donated by people of good will give women from local communities with whom we cooperate a chance for a decent life. Seeing with our own eyes how amazing are effects of donating work tools to unprivileged people, we decided to create a new project, this time giving school boys and young men same chance.

With the involvement of few friends’ craftsmen and in cooperation with 6 local companies, we started collecting tools the one who can’t afford them. With the help of kind people, mechanics, craftsmen, builders and landscapers, we intend to set up and equip number of school workshops in Ghana.

If you have any spare or used tools, any type of power machines or unwanted PPE and would like to support our project, please bring it to one of the donation points listed below or to our headquarters AOH Hall Blackrock A91PXA7.