Our Story


After the fall of the Romanian regime headed by Nicolae Ceausescu in 1990 the world opened its eyes to the horrors of the countries institutions.

One notorious Orphanage, in a small village called Nicoresti, in the east of the country, received much media interest. This news coverage brought volunteers from around the world, who answered the call to relieve the plight of the neglected, unloved children.

After many years toiling against the authorities in the orphanage, a new path was chosen to bring joy to the children’s lives. Our volunteers, now working under the name Crosscause, bought a small house in the village for €6,500 and named it “Casa Bridget” which was speedily converted for our first four Residents, Claudia, Alina, Nela and Mihaela.

A new day for the volunteers and for the girls had dawned.

Since then 27 souls have been liberated, Casa Bridget has expanded and each day up to 40 local kids in poor circumstances join us for schooling, a hot meal and showering.

Above all, what made the miracle happen and continue, is the burning desire in so many hearts to make their brothers and sisters feel safe and loved.


To all the volunteers who came, built, carried, painted, loaded, drove and extended love, feel proud. In a small village in a far away country, hearts beat because of you.