Dear friends, once again, like every November, we are asking for your support🙏❤️ Crosscause charity is starting to load the truck with winter aid for Romania and Ukraine. For the next 10 days, we will be collecting and loading goods for those for whom winter is a battle for survival. Please help us fill the truck and give hope to people who have none. You can call us anytime at 087 450 3886 or 087 967 4829.
What they need:
1. Food supplies
2. Stretchers for injured people
3. Boots
4. Blankets
5. Sleeping bags
6. Wellies, rubber boots
7. Trauma First Aid Kit
8. Lighting (flashlights, candles, solar-powered lamps)
9. Water filters specifically for salt water
10. Generators
11. Diapers for the elderly
12. Diapers for children
13. Wet wipes