Xorladi’s Story

Xorladi's Story

Conor Hughes gives a personal insight into his motivation to support Crosscause via “Xorladi’s Story”.

“This is Xorladi and she was 13 when I took this photo of her. She was continually rambling the halls of a hospital that I was doing some improvement work on. After 3 days of seeing this little stick girl I asked of her circumstances. The nurse told me she had been infected with Aids through tragic circumstances and her village banished her and her parents had abandoned her in the hospital. We immediately found her a personal carer to bring her food every day. For the next 3 months she had books, clothes and love  – thanks to Crosscause Volunteer Kierans attention.

Her passing was not in vain as she inspired me to find out that was such banishments commonplace. I found that stigmas exist in Ghana for many outdated and superstitious reason. Crosscause has been trying to break down these stigmas. A collaboration with a community of sisters has given us two methods to combat this – land and caregivers!

We are building a new home/community for abandoned kids called “Xorladi Community”.  Crosscause will fund the construction and the running costs once completed. Much of  September Container we are Crowdfunding for – consists of furniture and building materials donated to the project from the Dundalk locality.

The building at the center of the project has now been roofed. This will be the canteen, social, workshop and therapy area for the project.

Accommodation homes will begin construction during Autumn 2020.

Thanks Conor Hughes.”