Cusken SyncIT

Thanks to CarysFort NS and Cusken Sync IT

Big thank you to Carysfort National School for donating their unused laptops to CrossCause. We also want to thank the Tech apprentices at Cusken Sync IT Adam and Donal who donated their time to wipe the laptops to be handed over .

Laptops For Ghana




Do you have a pre-used laptop that you no longer need? Then please donate it to our “Laptops For Ghana” campaign where we are trying donate laptops to our community schools in Ghana, West Africa.

Crosscause is trying to help young kids to get on the World Wide Web and even though connectivity in Ghana is mostly via phones they are in need of laptops to learn in a school or community setting.


  • Used Laptops
  • Not older than 5 years
  • Cleaned of all data
  • Working Order
  • Battery and Cables
  • No login password or password supplied


If you have any laptops to donate to Conor who is travelling mid Feb 2023 then please email or tel 0879674829