Donating items to a charity shop is an excellent way to both support a cause you care about and declutter your home. However, it is important to note that charities typically have limited storage space and resources, and may not be able to accept all donations. Therefore, it is best to check with the charity beforehand to ensure that they can accept the items you wish to donate.

Yes please!

Bags and accessories
CDs, DVDs, Vinyl
Computers Screens
Laptops (working with power supply and without password)
Electronics (only in very good condition)
Household items
Home decor
Art supplies
Bicycles (in good condition)
Building materials and Tools
Medical supplies
Mobility devices (e.g. Crutches, wheelchairs)
Office supplies
Small Furniture
Sports equipment
Toiletries (new unopened)
Toys (only in very good condition)
Vintage items
Bedding ( Brand New )

No, thank you.

Perishable Food Items
Used Mattresses
Worn-out Clothing
Used Toys
Not Working Electronics
Kitchen Appliances
Large Furniture
Used Undergarments
Used Cosmetics/Toiletries
Carpets and Rugs
Used Bedding/Linens