Mini Digger to Ghana

Mini Digger to Ghana A big Thank You to Tomart Trust, Cork for the donation of a mini digger to Crosscause Ghana, West Africa. Thanks also to all the volunteers who worked hard  to unload an already loaded container to make room for the digger and then reloaded all  - around the

Xorladi’s Story

Xorladi's Story Conor Hughes gives a personal insight into his motivation to support Crosscause via "Xorladi's Story". "This is Xorladi and she was 13 when I took this photo of her. She was continually rambling the halls of a hospital that I was doing some improvement work on. After 3 days

COVID Container Crowdfunder

Support The COVID Container Crowdfunder to Africa The Crosscause Charity needs your help to send a special container with COVID19 donated supplies to Ghana, West Africa at the end of September 2020. The container with medial supplies, ventilators, masks, wheelchairs and lots more is desperately needed at the Crosscause Orphanage and will be distributed by

Goods for Ghana shipping in Sept 2020

Goods for Ghana The next shipment of goods for Ghana is currently being assembled by the Crosscause Charity in Co. Louth with a view to shipping in Sept 2020. This shipment is focusing on everyday tools and machinery as well as PPE for COVID19. "We are currently packing some PPE, ventilators and masks but we

Global Mamas face masks raising funds for Ghana

Charity initiative making face masks for Ireland Sewing Machines donated in 2019. (Pre Covid19) Last year hundreds of sewing machines were donated in Co. Louth to the Crosscause Charity Project in Ghana so that women could make clothes to help support their communities. Now those communities in the form of the "Global Mamas"

The View From Ghana

The View From Ghana - March 2020 As Asia, Europe and the USA are transfixed with the battle against the COVID19 virus - Crosscause continues it's battle against poverty on projects in Africa this March 2020. Conor Hughes has been caught up in delivering and distributing donated goods by the container loads in

St Stephens Day Fundraiser 2019

Crosscause Fundraiser 2019 - Blackrock, Co. Louth UPDATE : RESCHEDULED DUE TO BETTER WEATHER This event is now back on from 11am on Friday 27th Dec 2019 in Blackrock, Co. Louth - Looks out for the Blackrock Penguins. ______________________________________________________ UPDATE : POSTPONED DUE TO POOR WEATHER The annual St Stephens Day Crosscause fundraiser

Crosscause Aid Lorry Arrives in Romania For Christmas

Christmas has arrived early at our Romanian Project where our charity aid lorries have arrived. Packed with over 5000 shoe boxes with gifts donated from all over Louth this means that alot of children will be sure to get a Christmas present. "Thanks to all those who donated - particularly from Blackrock" said Conor Hughes.

Full lorry sets off for Romania

A big thanks to everyone who donated clothing and household items to the the Romania Appeal this November 2019. Driver Ciara Tinnely has set off on the journey to Romania this week with the lorry filled with clothes donations from peoople in Blackrock and around Louth. The winters in Romania are particularly harsh so every